RK Topical Spray

RK Topical Spray


Buy 10 RK Topical Horse Fly concentrates in a single purchase and Get 1 Free. Brings the price to $18.17 a bottle for a horse fly spray 3-6 times stronger than what you are using.
Minimum Order of 2 Bottles
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Product Description

RK Topical Spray gives professional long-lasting protection to stop ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. RK Topical Spray combines natural oils with Pyrethrin/Pyrethroids to give real-world 8-hour protection. RK Topical Spray will help avoid skin damage due to summer eczema and hives, as well as decrease the risk of tick diseases and blood loss from bites. RK Topical Spray allows your horse to stomp less in the field so that they keep their shoes on and do not crack up their hoof walls.

RK Topical Spray has a special sprayer attachment that covers four times the area of regular bottles. This allows you to easily, quickly, and completely cover your horse paying special attention to the inside and outside of the legs, the pasterns, belly, groin, and tail. It only takes approximately seven sprays per side to cover the average horse body.