Summer Eczema Oral Supplement – Sugar Free Apple


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Product Description

The sugar-free apple flavor is for horses with Insulin Resistance or on controlled carbohydrate diets.

A new, top-rated, proven treatment using USDA-certified organics for all breeds of horses. It has been shown to control the allergic reaction of the Culicoides bite. The proprietary blend of herbs will decrease inflammation to allow healing and stop the itch. Some of the symptoms would be hairless, reddened, encrusted, itchy areas on the base of the tail, midline of the belly, mane, and head.

24-day supply for an active case, 48-day supply for a maintenance dosage.

You will need the Oral Supplement and RK Topical Spray together to stop Summer Eczema. A handy and convenient concentrate is shipped to you for easy storage.